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11 June 2010 @ 09:40 pm
미남이시네요 has to be one of my favorite drama ever!! Why didn't I watch it when it first came out! O_O What the hell was I thinking? Compared to other cross-dressing drama, I'd say this is the best! Totally beats Hana-kimi and Coffee Prince!
The storyline is ok.. but you can totally feel for the characters!! I guess this is what they call good acting? My heart was totally hurting for Shin Woo. He's like the BEST!!!! Even better then that guy in boys over flowers,Ji Hoo. Maybe its just me being biased cause' Jung Yong Hwa is HAWT! Start of the show i though he was ok.. but his role grew on me.. He's the best guy there ever is.. and.. Tae Kyung! OMG Jang Geun Suk is freaking sexy!!!! How the F can a guy look like that?! I'm sorry to say but he has those figure as described in those yaoi manga! If you get what I'm saying.. He's Hawt! and Hong Gi actually didn't look gay in this drama.. ^^;
. . .

Ok, I'm totally biased to this movie. Why the f is the Korean entertainment industry doing this to me?! Why must their guys be this freaking hawt?! >.< so not fair.. Good looks plus good voices.. something, somehow the Chinese can't seem to obtain. sadly..

I think what totally won me over to the drama, apart from the looks, is the soundtrack. Like.. D: the actors themselves actually did them! There was this song..Without Words 말도 없이 totally heartbreaking song. LOL the soundtrack actually had 3 version of this. Park Shin Hye, Jang Geun Suk and 9th Street. each has its own heart-breaking renditions...
you have to see the lyrics and listen to the song at the same time..

English lyrics(to keep for future reference):

I shouldnt have done that,
I should have pretended not to know
like I didnt see it, like I couldnt see it
I shouldnt have looked at you in the first place

I should have run away,
I should have pretended I wasnt listening
like I didnt hear it, like I couldnt hear it
I shouldnt have heard your love in the first place

Without a word you made me know love
Without a word you gave me love
Because you took just a breath and ran away like this
Without a word love leaves me
Without a word love abandons me
Wondering what to say next, my lips were surprised
Because it came without a word.

Why does it hurt so much?
Why does it hurt continuously?
Except for the fact that I can’t see you anymore
And that you’re not here anymore
Otherwise it’s the same as before

Without a word you made me know love
Without a word you gave me love
Because you took just a breath and ran away like this
Without a word love leaves me
Without a word love abandons me
Wondering what to say next, my lips were surprised

And.. When Shin Woo sang this song.. I almost cried.. Cause it totally fits his role.
Because i'm a fool..

Did I say i freaking love their soundtrack?! And Jang Geun Suk has the sexiest voice ever! Downloaded whatever songs he sang and he's good!!! It's a pity he won't be going to the music industry, he'd be a freaking huge hit. and i think he just knock lee junki off my actor's chart. >.< i saw lee junki's pic for his latest drama, not as hot as jang geun suk. sadly.

BEST SHOW EVER!!! T_T i just wish.. They won't make Shin Woo sad. >.
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07 June 2010 @ 12:23 am
Wooo!!! OMG am just back from the Super Junior Galaxy Showcase!!! And I totally cannot get enough of them!!! They are so freaking HOT!!! like D: and Yesung sang the 너 아니맨안대LIVE!!!! and it sound the same as the recorded track! I'm so proud of him!!! His voice is so awesome!!! And Eunhyuk is freaking HAWT!!!! He's so cool and charismatic and... Just plain HAWT!!! and he's pretty well received from the fans! And Siwon was damm gentleman and all. He went to hug the hostess Belinda infront of all the fans despite her saying she's a fan of eeteuk. And Heechul is surprisingly very friendly today. Doing fan service and even walking to our side to smile and pose for us he always seems so aloof in the other lives. and lol they were All saying how Handsome donghae is. And how his skin is so perfectly nice. I didn't really notice as was too busy trying to track yesung and eunhyuk. ^^; omg they are just so awesome I can't believe they were so near me, breathing in the same air and standing in the same area! D:
and some lucky girls got to meet them backstage! T_T my ticket number didn't get picked. I'm so depressed. Sigh..
The top part of the entry sounds damm good huh. But Its NOT as good. There were too many people. What was singtel thinking adding in more tickets and the stupid people and their light sticks fucking blocking my camera and my view. And wah not to mention those people with their boards honestly I felt like kicking all of them away. Before SUJU came I had a view of the stage. I was still being thankful the kids were shorter then me so I can look at the stage comfortably.hard to believe but ya. Wah then SUJU came and suddenly there was this wall of humans in front of me. And despite me standing on my tip toes I still can't see the stage fully. like suddenly all the kids grew. And T_T I didn't bring my own cam for fear of them not letting me bring it in, I borrowed my mum's one which wasn't as good. The Zoom wasn't enough I can't get a good shot and with yesung singing solo and all... All I had was smallish gaps between people necks and arms to view SUJU. and they only sang 5 songs. All my favourites: bonamana, yesung's solo, rokugo, pajama party and sorry sorry remix. But I didn't really get to enjoy it cause' of my restricted view and was too busy fighting the people in front for a good or rather a glimpse of the Boys on my cam. Then they talked a bit but the sound system wasn't good so i've mo idea what was being said. But we celebrated ryeowook's birthday! There was a cake. And eeteuk dab the cream on ryeowook's face, Belinda wiped it off and offered to a fan girl to eat. Wah damm unfair lah. The people in front. All the questions asked were all answered by the front people so they managed to get the signed album and poster >.< so hard to win against the hardcore fanatics. Some of them actually queued up like the day before at 6.30am!!!! Like -.- siao arh!
I totally can't get enough of them!!! Ryeowook seems to hope or rather hint that they'll be back end of the year for super show 3!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! Rawr!!!! And omg I hope 2pm come soon too!!!! Junho! Tagyeon!! Wooyeoung!!!! Wooo!!! I hope I find people to go to the sundown festival with me! I want to see fcuz and LM.C!!!

And today lol met some new random people. Was walking alone to the place when someone asked if I'm going to the thing and hoped I can guide her there. But I myself am lost too so we wandered there together and end up being friends! Haha I initially thought she was my age but she's younger. Lol she thought I was the same age as her too. And she's 16! None of her friends believed I was 22. Haha guess I can still pass off as a sec sch students! Woo we made a pact to inform each other if SUJU ever come to Singapore for the super show 3!!! Oh o do hope they come!!! Pics to be up soon!!!!!
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02 June 2010 @ 11:15 am
AH.. I've currently stopped working at the company. ^^ taking a month break before school starts. I'll most probably be getting/applying for part-time jobs. Uni is expensive after all.. and ya.. I do spend A LOT of money. >.<

This week I must have spent like A LOT of money. What with Super Junior coming to Singapore for their showcase, Leekworld's G.O and Oli's Bday dinner at Hansung.. >.< my money's flowing away. :(
But speaking of the Suju showcase, the seller who's selling me the tickets is really.. >.<

First we agreed to meet at Bugis on Friday to make payment and collect the tickets. Then out of the blue she said must meet her to pay a 50% deposit first and then meet her the next day to pay the rest and to collect the tickets. When i told her its not what we agreed on, she said she changed her mind as she's afraid that I'll back out. Before that, I've already suggested I can make the payment via bank transfer. I mean she live in Boon Lay!!!! >.< but okay, I went all the way down to Boon lay to make the deposit of $300.. then oli (who's going with me to Suju showcase)told me after she calculated, she realized she can't afford to go to the Suju Showcase. =.= which really pissed me off. As I've checked with her several times if she on to go. She keep saying ON!!! But after I've made the deposit she told me she got not enough money like WTH!!!!! I told her cannot back out le cause' i've made a deposit, she had the nerve to ask me how much and that she didn't know its that much.. like hello if not that much you really want me to forfeit that money and back out meh? Once she realized cannot back out and that i'm SUPER pissed with her she told me.. Sorry please ignore what i've just said. I'm ON to go.. =.=

Remind me next time to NOT ask Oli out to this kinda event. Or anything that need a promise for that mater. >.<

List of this week's activities:
Wed: go to Boon Lay to collect Suju Tix
Thur: Go ou twith mum. accompany her to the hospital
Fri: Meet guy at orchard to exchange suju photocard, Dinner at Hansung with Oli and gang...
Sat: to be confirmed
Sun: Suju Showcase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (can't wait. hope it makes the stupid trips down to Boon Lay worth it!)
I'll def post on sunday with PICS hopefully!!!! ^^ Whoo Yesung Live in person!!!!!!!
21 April 2010 @ 12:11 am
Story Time..

Characters involved:
L.I side: H, PE, B. O and me (plus Boss and Y)
MP side: M, P, I
PD side: Ma, S

Went out for dinner with H,P and O today..And throughout we kept bitching about our office people. B especially. Honestly, I don't know how it is possible for the entire office to be pissed off at one person. but B managed to achieve that.
Sometimes I think that she does things without using the brain. Sigh.. like the time when i pass a stack of letters to her and ask her to help me post.. she can reply me "how do you want me to post" like.. Uh.. How many different ways are there to posting?

B was suppose to be the answer to our staff problem. When she came for interview, she said she know how to use a bit of Photoshop. Her a bit is really a bit sia.. like super minimum. is equal to O coming in with zero software knowledge. Ok nevermind. On the day B came in, Y said the dreaded words to me. B you shall follow/ stick to hazel the entire day and follow what she do she'll teach you the software. Wah. She stick to me like super glue sia. =.= It's very suffocating to have someone breathing down your neck for an entire day. ESP when the someone's conversation is something which i cannot catch. and she have this insufferable know-it-all kind of feel. when H say she have indigestion or something.. B was insisting H should eat this and that if not H will suffer from this and that. and the tone she uses.. like OMG. jarring on the ears k. it have a very arrogant tone to it.. like her anyway~ and by the way~ wah.. Plus.. when she eat.. is really NOISY. i really feel like slapping her or something. she eat worse then a kid sia. with her chewing noises.and .. she like to flick her hair. flick and flick her hair like some pantene commercial.. =.=

Plus ah.. she do things like SUPER slow. i know it is cause' she don't know how to use the software. but please. don't know can ask right. she like in front of the comp so super long. until i cannot take it then i ask her and then she ask. what sia. =.= and the lunch thing.. WAH.. that one i really cannot stand.

When the production guys come over to get lunch orders. H, PE and me will like declare in loud voices what we want to eat. and discuss what to eat and stuff. one day. we forgot to ask her. she never say anything and the guys never buy for her. WAH we kenna scolded from Boss and Y k..
Which we all feel very unjust cause' like hello she got no mouth arh? cannot speak is it?
After that, lunch time we'll keep asking her B what you want? and seriously arh. she waiting until people ask her what she want then she reply. like hello.. people never ask you cannot ownself say meh?

And wah last week was really the last straw k. PE whet off to Taiwan for a holiday, so office left me and B. O joined us right on the day PE left. and Y smart sia. ask me to train O.like i got time to do that. with PE gone, All the emails ave to be answered and proceed by me. B ONLY answers emails with her name on it. which is few to say the least. and she say she is very busy de. wha if she busy then what about me sia? so unfortunately i have to leave O in the clutches of B. And B.. i tell you, act like she damm pro. Teaching O a lot of things that are not right, or bombarding O with stuff that she don't really know at the time. And manual stuff that she cannot finish she as O do for her. and always at the time where i have some time and can teach O a little something. Even o can't stand her. As she treats O like she's stupid. Like cutting in when O is serving a customer. Trying to help O when diao her own thing also haben finish.

and i seriously HATE it when she act like she's the victim when she talk to Y. And Y arh.. is.. dunno how to say sia. whens he have stuff she don't tell people directly one. have to tell me then ask me to pass the msg on to H and stuff. and she don't tell B off in the face. like =.= i seriously think that is what is wrong witht he situation. it is cause' Y is being friendly with B, that makes us look like very petty people that is always picking on her.

Even the guys say they cannot communicate with her. and. lol they are all Malaysians. I'll never forget the day when she told one of the guys thay are from the same place. and the guy replied back.. No.. im from here and you are from here. different ok. Like he doesn't want to be connected with her.

That's it about B. there's more. but i san already. sigh another problem is PE.
She likes to see herself as the main person bringing in the sales. when she go off to Taiwan she was like saying wah with me gone, the sales how? like.. =.= we still made 10k within that a week. making it a average of the required 2k per day. which is more then what she made when she was around.
And i cannot stand it when she have a big job. and met her daily $500 sales target. she'll ask us to buck up on the sales thing and that cannot always depend on her. but i mean.. like hello, there's 4 people in the office and only 3 computers. plus i have to teach B and O stuff. how to bring in sales? plus whatever email that is in, she always say she do. then she do lah and all the sales she take what. and i don't understand sia. all same company. working for the same people. not like you get more sales your pay is higher or anything right? in the end Y is looking at overall sales what. plus when you do sales someone have to help you with the manual stuff.. =.=

And Y and the boss.. the moment the company have enough people, she don't want the part-timers le. like diao wah the part-timer is your own niece leh. =.= and they like ot make use of people i realize. sian.. but sigh.. as my mum said there;s no such thing asa good boss.. but i must say they are at least a tad better the my previous one..

I hope i receive the letter of acceptance form school soon then i don't have to go work with B anymore. Although i feel bad about leaving O there with B and PE.
18 April 2010 @ 12:46 am
Just back from MAYDAY's concert and its it totally freaking AWESOME!!!!!!! OMG watching them live made me love them all over again... ESP ASHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's freaking handsome today and his vocals.. D: so.. so... indescribable.. XD
ANd D: They have FIREWORKS!!!!!! FIREWORKS!!!! it was sooooo beautiful to see LIVE... and it melded with the song they were singing so welll..... it was a really well-coordinated breath-taking performance.. a pity my friend wanted to leave at 11.30pm.. when Mayday toook a break(?) i though the concert was over.. coz they bowed and left the stage.. but T_T my cousin told me the concert is not over till some guy come out and actually tell you its over... sigh.. but..
all in all the concert is super AWESOME!!!!

Got the free tix to watch them from my uncle.. although the seata are like the very far back ones.. but... D: i get to see Ashin pretty close-up.... and we did have a clear view of the stage although its really far.. but at least i can see and make out who is who... national stadium is definitely the best way to hold a ROCK concert!!!!!!! they way the satge was design was damm cool... its like main stage, then the mosh pit no.1.. then a 2nd stage, moshpit no.2 then walk way and its my seat area.. all the stages are linked by walkway.. which Mayday used.. and i get to see them!!!!!! OMG... this so make me want to see all their other concert!!! im definitely gonna see their concert in future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And why does all Mayday concert always have a story to tell.. it so beautiful... D.N.A
Its not the D.N.A that makes us what we are its what you do that makes you who you are..
and watching them/ hearing them live.. drove away all the depressing thoughts and feelings i have about work.. even for just tonight...

五月天 fighting!!!!!~